Stage 4: LAUDAL - NODELAND 31 km

This stage of the trail starts at Laudal salmon center / Laudal power station in Marnardal and ends at Greipstad church by Nodeland.

From Laudal the children walked along various paths eastwards. One path passed Breland and continued on towards Stokkeland or Birkeland in Songdal. Another possible route passed by Høye towards Breland, which is the old road Birkelandskleivene. The paths the children followed are, in other words, not identical with our Child Wanderer Path. This is due to the area being altered in conjunction with the completion of the railway in the mid 1940’s.

In part you will follow the main road.

The stage ends at Greipstad church. Just south of the church is the old farm Porsmyr. An avid volunteer group have for years devoted a considerable amount of time and effort to renovate and present the buildings. The farm is now a village museum that is actively used. Some Sundays during the summer months they sell coffee and waffles.



travel by train:

Marnardal stasjon, 3,5 km fra Laudal     
Taxi tlf: 916 19 235 / 38 28 89 41
Marnar Laksesenter: tlf 38 28 77 44 / 992 42 669


Mjåland Camping: Laudal tlf 906 60 209
Bjeddan Gard: 13 km from Laudal towards Nodeland, sleep in a outdoor shelter (oven and outhouse), contact 97131007