wandering children exhibition

Experience the dramatic history of the wandering children closely by visiting "Det Gamle Posthuset" in Konsmo. 

The Konsmo village in Audnedal is known for it’s many child wanderers, and the church became a meeting point by the spring. Here the children from the small farms in Konsmo, Eiken, Kvås and Kvinesdal met. Afterwards, many of them followed together to the big farms far east, to work as shepherds.

At the exhibition you will also learn more about how the people lived in Vest-Agder about only 100 years ago, and not less, how they learned to survive.

Konsmo is located at Audnedal kommune, around one time driving distance (5 mil) or train tour from Kristiansand. You can check the train timetable here. It is 4 mil from Mandal. 

We suggest to combine the exhibition visit with a tour to the Child Wanderer Path, which crosses Konsmo.


Daily 12:00 - 17:00 from 22. june to 18. august. 

Telephone during opening hours 996 88 303 / out of opening hours 913 53 819

For group visits, contact Åse Marit Helle at en-helle@online.no

Visit address: Konsmo i Audnedal, 4525 Konsmo.
Mail address: Barnevandrersenteret c/o Audnedal Rådhus, 4525 Konsmo.